Debbie Lloyd Make Up Artist

Make-up lessons are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of products and application techniques, or for someone who would like some new ideas on what suits them.They are also a good idea for brides who are getting married abroad or want to do their own make-up on their wedding day.

The one-to-one lesson includes a discussion about your desired look, colours and style, we will also talk about what you find difficult or any areas you would like to focus on. The way the lesson works is, I will apply products on one side of your face, explaining products, application and techniques, then I will get you to copy on the other side, whilst receiving guidance, feedback and advice. You can either try out new products from my kit or we can work with your own make up collection. At the end you will receive a list of products used and an order of application sheet along with a diagram so as you can easily re-create the look.

I can do group sessions too, these work in much the same way as the one-to-one lesson, but I will only work on one person, whilst you all watch. It is also more of a general lesson on products and techniques, where as the one-one lesson is more tailor-made.

One-to-one lesson lasts between 1.5-2hrs

Group lesson lasts between 2-2.5hrs

Group lessons require a Minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people

Make Up Lessons Price List
One-to-one lesson £100
Group lesson (per person) £60

All prices cover a 20 mile radius from SS15 5AQ.
Additional mileage will be charged at £1 per mile.
If any toll, congestion, parking or any other charges are incurred,
these will be added to your bill.